Toshakhana, during the cross-examination of the witness Khawaja Haris and the lawyer in the Election Commission

Islamabad Khawaja Haris and the lawyer in the Election Commission during the cross-examination of the witness during the Tosha Khana hearing in the District and Sessions Court.

According to the private TV channel Geo News, during the cross-examination of the witness, Khawaja Haris asked when did you know where the full signature and where the initials should be, the witness said that if there is more important work, I sign the full, otherwise I do the initials.

During the hearing, an attempt was made by Election Commission lawyer Amjad Parvez, to which Khawaja Haris objected. The lawyer Pir Main PTI said that according to me, he took an oath and lied while filing the complaint. The verification of the filed forms, it was not written anywhere that it was given on Olaqa. The witness said that I filed the complaint and filed it on Olaqa.

Lawyer Election Commission Amjad Parvez said that after every question you say, you must have told the witness, I will do what I have to do within the law, Khawaja Haris said that the statement is false.

No initials, if I say that even on the affidavit it is not yours but someone else's, the witness Waqqas Malik said that I confess my full initials on oath, I do not have any document on which I can prove my suspicion, lawyer Khawaja Haris asked why are you seeing lawyer Amjad Parveen? B. Jamalin Dilawar asked whether you see Khawaja Haris or see me. Lawyer Khawaja Haris expressed his anger and said why he is lying, these people are liars.

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