Tuesday saw the interim Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government release its budget for the remaining four months of the fiscal year 2023–24, which totals Rs462 billion.

After receiving approval from the provincial government, interim financial advisor Himayatullah Khan presented the budget during a news conference.

The caretaker establishment has set aside Rs112 billion for development-related projects and Rs350 billion for non-developmental expenses.


For employees in grades 1 through 16, the government has recommended a salary rise of 35%; for employees in grades 17 and higher, the government has proposed a salary increase of 30%.

minimum salary

The budget increased the minimum monthly wage for labor from Rs26,000 to Rs32,000 per month.


It has suggested raising the pension for retired government employees by 17.5%, the deputation allowance by 50%, the secretariat performance allowance by 100%, and the transport allowance for disabled personnel by 100%.

The budget boosted the police officers' ration allowance from Rs. 600 to Rs. 1,000. 

Districts tribally combining

For the amalgamated tribal districts, it has allocated Rs59.543 billion, of which it has suggested keeping Rs8.667 billion for the annual development project.

Other Budgetary Allocations

The interim administration has suggested allocating Rs. 74 billion for healthcare, Rs. 107.95 billion for education, Rs. 3.77 billion for tourism, Rs. 2.83 billion for sports, and Rs. 3.13 billion for tourism.